Chris Clyne Knitwear

The Chris Clyne Knitwear Collection is crafted by our talented team of hand knitters in Scotland.  The complex patterns designed for each piece of knitwear places them in a unique category.  The fine lace knit effects ensure that the dresses are very light to wear.  Every knitter spends time and dedication producing each detailed and beautifully finished article.  Recognition of their skill is shown on the label which accompanies the garment.

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All of our original yarns are sourced from various parts of the world.  Chris Clyne is currently working with several individual suppliers and their success helps to support their local communities.

A family-run company in the Patagonian Mountains of Argentina grows, dyes and spins some of our cotton yarns.  Their profits support local orphanages, schools and hospitals.

Other yarns are created by skilled artisan women in Indonesia.  Using finely cut lengths of sarong and sari fabrics, combinations of cotton and silk are woven together to create a kaleidoscope of stunning colours.  Support of their work ensures that their community is provided with safe shelter, health care and education.

When purchasing a piece of Chris Clyne Knitwear, the customer is buying true craftsmanship.